Pentagon 75

Special Publication

Posted on 23 Oct 2017 Comments Off on Special Publication

To celebrate this symbol of American military strength and heritage, Faircount will release a  special keepsake publication to celebrate the Pentagon’s 75th anniversary. This high-quality edition will include former Secretaries of Defense Chuck Hagel and Leon Panetta, each of whom will offer their own personal views and insights into the Pentagon. In addition the book will provide a historical and forward-leaning look at the Pentagon, including but not limited to the history of military and civilian leaders, efforts underway to modernize the building’s infrastructure, and what it takes to run what is essentially a city within itself. Each of the institutions that call the Pentagon home will have their own standalone feature. The events, victims, and heroes of 9/11 will be recognized. We’ll look at the foreign conflicts being fought today, the future technologies being developed, and the efforts underway to assure that the United States will always provide a full range of options to protect the homeland and our interests while assuring the security of our allies.

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