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The publication will be distributed as a video-capable digital edition, and as a traditional print publication.




For more information and to book your space call Patrick Pruitt today at +1 (813) 675-3862
*All rates are net of agency commissions.


Creative must be supplied with all supporting files in the following formats:
PDF-X1A (preferred)
Trim size: 8 3/8” w x 10 7/8” h
Bleed: Add 1/8” MINIMUM to all edges *(if you are submitting a bleed ad)
Live area: 1/4” from trim preferred

Proofs: We recommend supplying a color proof that accurately reproduces the color of the ad as it will be used for color matching on press. All proofs must be representative of the ad supplied and should be a high-quality digital proof that meets SWOP standards. If copy changes are made, the proof should be marked “For Color Only.” Color correctness cannot be guaranteed if color proof is substandard, or no proof is provided.

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The Pentagon: 75 Years is published by Faircount Media Group, an international publisher with offices in the USA, UK and Australia. The company’s pedigree within the government and scientific sectors is second to none, with a portfolio including an extensive range of commemorative publications developed in partnership with government departments and agencies representing energy, education, defense, and agriculture. The company has published books for and or about DARPA, DSCA, NASA, NOAA, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, the Royal Navy (U.K.), the Royal Australian Navy, and many other esteemed organizations. For more information visit

Disclaimer:  The contents of this information kit or the planned publication are not necessarily the views of, or endorsed by the U.S. government, the Department of Defense, or the Pentagon. The use of logos, images, quotes, links, video and participation by current or prior defense department employees does not constitute endorsement.